As a scholar entering the world of computer science through the background of biology, I am motivated by a natural excitement in problem solving and examining events through an analytical perspective.

My exposure to the world of computing was initiate through an internship in Bioinformatics, which involved experiencing the software development lifecycle in the form of a basic, open source python project, meant to prototype a query feature for Rothamsted’s relational mapping tool, Knetminer. I was exhilarated and amazed by the capability of digital technologies in enabling organizations to punch above their weight.

Fearing stagnation in skills, I eventually took various MOOCs in python and web development after my University Studies, pivoting around software development to fields such as DNS and networking. Eventually, I accidentally stumbled on the book ‘The Hacker Crackdown’ by Bruce Sterling, it was filled with fascinating lore about the early world of cybersecurity and ignited a spark of longing to learn more about this landscape.

Overall, I am looking forward to the life long learning that’s strongly associated with this field of knowledge and to take my training beyond skills, into a way of life.


The determining factor to mastering any skill lies in not talent, but humility, accountability and consistency to focus on a long term goal.

Hence, I aim to let this blog be my companion. To keep myself disciplined and dedicated to my skill development. If would also be a bonus in the rare chance that the content of this blog some day help other people like myself in the future, when it comes to troubleshooting similar problems.

I also acknowledge the fact that my blogging skills and communication is also a journey in progress and I shall improve on the blog with each contribution.